recently posted an article called “100 Things Every Man Should Know”.

A few of the skills include:

  1. Handle a blowout
  2. Drive in snow
  3. Check Trouble Codes
  4. Replace fan belt
  5. Wax a car
  6. Conquer an off-road obstacle
  7. Use a stick welder
  8. Hitch up a trailer
  9. Jump start a car
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It is important to always be learning new skills while pruning those previously mastered. While reading through this short list, I noticed these nine items tend to fall under technical abilities.

However, conquering an off-road obstacle presents a challenge mentally as much as to ones motor skills. Handling a blow out might not just be learning how to safely pull over, but also keeping ones senses while cars speed by at 90 mph and your panicked passenger gropes for the steering wheel.

There are some challenges life throws our way that can only be handled with well…life.


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