If any of you are like me, you are happiest when life is busy. And if any of like being busy, this may also mean you forget small tasks such as checking your oil or calling about the tiny rock chip in the windshield.

I remember the first and last time I ignored the mileage on my Valvoline sticker. Hearing a ticking noise in the motor on a ‘busy’ day is not in any way welcome. I pulled over and had to sit, feeling foolish for ignoring my poor thirsty Honda for so long, and I had to pay six times the amount of an oil change, all because I got ‘busy’.

A chip in the windshield may yield similar results if not taken care of quickly. “Obstructed views from a cracked or non intact windshield are an invitation to a lot of danger on the road. If you see the first signs of cracked windshields on your vehicle, you should let it be repaired as soon as possible.” This is necessary for safety and financial reasons, if you wait too long, the chip will turn into a crack which means the window can no longer be fixed, but must be replaced.