I love my Honda, despite all of her funny noises and mysterious jolts at stop lights. I can honestly say it will be quite a while before I am able or willing to switch to a more environmentally friendly Hybrid, and everything in me says not to own a Prius out of sheer pride.

So for those of you who like myself are simply too attached to your vehicle (may have even named it), there are a few options to ease our automobiles environmental footprint.

1. Easy on the Throttle
The single most important technique to make your existing car more efficient is speed, or lack thereof.

2. Trading Pounds for Gallons
Jettison the sandbags, golf clubs, and phonebooks from the trunk (better keep that spare, though)… Also, don’t waste your gas dollars driving to stores that are closed, or getting lost on the way.

3. Sun Block
Sun reflectors will keep cabin temperature down while the car is parked, easing the load on the AC when you return.

4. Better Breathing
Spending a minute on cabin air quality can save gas and protect your lungs from airborne gunk. Most automakers suggest replacement every 15,000 miles.

5. Tune -Up
A clean-running engine will not only use less fuel, but will pump fewer emissions out the tailpipe.

6. High-MPG Tires
Another no-brainer is tire inflation: Keeping your car’s tires at the maximum recommended pressure (printed in the owner’s manual) will help maintain your optimal MPG and tire life.

7. Veggie Out
If you prefer the smell of French fries and Thai food over diesel fumes, then vegetable-based fuels might be your ride. Any diesel engine can burn biodiesel without modification, and a growing number of locations around the country now offer biodiesel at the pump.

8. Solarize Your Roof
Existing solar cars tend to look like recumbent bicycles wrapped in black trash bags, and they also don’t have much to offer on cloudy days.

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