Last Saturday I was soaking at a bathhouse in Budapest, Hungary. While the temperature in the DFW area was hitting continuously over 100 degrees, I was in the warm water and fully appreciating the high of 85°.

However, I made the choice to enter into a room with a sign labeled “Sauna- 100° C”, translated to 200° F. Yikes. There was a fountain spouting crushed ice for the victims to cover their face while sitting on the wooden benches. Pools of sweat formed on the tiled floor, and flushed faces with pursed lips powered through their obvious misery. I lasted a total of five seconds. Walked in three steps, sprinted out with as much dignity as I could muster. Eyes and nose burning, feet hopping while I flung my handful of ice at the heaters.

I suddenly viewed Texas as Oslo, Norway in the dead of winter. An oasis of cool tolerable weather, compared to my five seconds in the pit of the bathhouse.

So maybe our weather here in the Lone Star state is tolerable, but it sure does cook the interiors of our cars. To fight the heat and save on gas, consider installing a tint to your auto glass.

Stay cool North Texas,