Over the last few weeks, I have read several articles from around the country about insurance companies trying to tell their customers that they have to use a certain glass company for the repair or replacement of the glass in their vehicles. As the articles pointed out, YOU HAVE A CHOICE. Your insurance company cannot dictate to you which glass repair shop to use. They may have a list of preferred repair shops, but they cannot force you to use one of their choosing. The choice is yours and yours alone. With the major storms in Oklahoma several weeks ago, there were reports that customers would file a claim for glass that had been damaged with their insurance company. The customer would then specify a glass company they wanted to use. Because of the volume of business that those shops were doing at the time, it would be several days before a technician could perform the replacement. In the mean time, another glass repair tech, from another shop would show up at the customers and advise them that the insurance company had sent them to verify the damage. They would just so happen to have the correct replacement glass in their vehicle and could initiate the replacement immediately rather than having to wait several more days for the replacement. In the first place, insurance companies do not send a repair technician from a glass company to verify damage. If damage needs to be confirmed the insurance company would send out an adjuster, not a technician.

Scams like this are common in times of a disaster such as this hail storm. While I can’t blame the public for wanting their vehicles repaired in a quick and timely manner, the ethics not to mention legality is a prime example of how some glass shops in our business have earned their less than desirable reputations.

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