Remove Car Dents Quickly and Cheaply

1. Remove a dent with dry ice

You can find dry ice in many places these days, even your local grocery store. It’s cheap too, around $2 or less for a pound (you can buy it in bulk online for even cheaper). All you do is touch the dry ice to the dent for a few seconds and repeat the process until the dent is gone. Wear dry ice gloves though.

2. Remove a dent with a hairdryer and an air duster

I like this one even more, namely because an air duster and a hairdryer is readily accessible in most homes these days. Slightly different process, but still very quick, cheap and easy.

3. Remove a dent with a lighter, aluminum foil and an air duster

Thanks to several WB readers for pointing this new addition out. It’s very similar to method #2, and please take note of the use of aluminum foil. I wouldn’t want any of you to burn your paintwork. As you can see, and hear, this one works a treat.

See videos here.

This is pretty interesting, might be worth a test run at least.