The airing of fitness commercials and yellow polka-dot bikini campaigns come January 1st is no coincidence. Ad agencies are full of people just like you and I who spend the last few days of December carbo-loading before our new year/new work-out regime.

I attempt to spend January detoxing from high levels of caffeine and opt for green teas and water instead of my usual Tall Americano with vanilla powder four times per week.

We all see the new year as a fresh chance to scrub away old habits. Maybe a time to get organized or develop a sudden passion for marathon running and a complete distaste for all fast-foods and cake balls.

Valentines day is about when our new and improved selves begin to crack, lured by chocolates dipped in chocolate and bitterly cold, wind-whipped running trails.

Is the solution to not set goals at all?

Maybe we should just take smaller bites of well-intentioned life changes.

For example, why not set a goal to give back to the community in tiny ways?

Check out:
Or how about growing your hair our for a year (boss permitting) and donate it to Locks of Love?

There are a ton of ways to improve ourselves in the new year, perhaps a new gym membership is not one of them…