A few years ago I read the book “Same Kind Of Different As Me” and learned about an organization in Fort Worth called Union Gospel Mission. The story this book told was about an unlikely friendship between a Fort Worth Art dealer and a homeless gentleman who met through Union Gospel.

Our intentions in volunteering are usually to give hope to those impoverished individuals in the community. The irony of our own lives being drastically changed comes as a complete surprise.

As a  company, we are attending orientation at Union Gospel Mission over the next few weeks to become trained volunteers. It will be exciting to give back to the community of DFW.

Would you like to volunteer too? Click here.

Quick Facts
Every day, 570 to 675 people come to the Mission in need of food, shelter, and new beginnings…

Our services include:

  • Daily Chapel Services
  • Community Meal and Assistance Programs
  • Inter-Agency Collaboration and Referrals
  • Food and Shelter for Homeless Men, Women, and Children
  • Long-term Life Change Programs for Men and Women
  • Spiritual Development Programs
  • Children’s Enrichment Program
  • On-site health care through our Healing Shepherd Clinic
  • Permanent Supportive Housing for Senior Women
  • Compassion for all (including persons with disabilities, convicted felons and parolees, senior citizens, and single fathers)